Cyber Proving Grounds

Products are made by humans and humans are flawed. Those flaws are made exponentially worse by the pressures of deadlines. That is simply how vulnerabilities are created.

The only way to know if your product is vulnerable is to have as many people, from as many skill sets as you can, hack on it no holds barred. That will happen as soon as you take you device out of the lab and put it in the real world. Don’t believe it? Look for DefCon videos on YouTube. And those are just the tip of the iceberg.

We offer a venue to have your device viciously attacked 24 hours a day by 7days a week by 365 days a year. Why is this different from the real wold? When hackers get in, they will prove it and tell you how.

The fact is, no hacker worth their salt cares if you met a NIST 800-53 standard.

For Business

If your product is hacked or used to hack others, your company's reputation will be hurt, profit lost and investor confidence diminished. Not knowing for months or years that you’ve been exploited only compounds the damage.

We offer a “Hackers as a Service” model. You fiscally put your product into our Cyber Proving Grounds and we’ll invite hackers from all over the world to unleash there worse on it. We’ve set up a means that they can prove they got in with near zero chance of fraud.

We can assure you, if a vulnerability is verified in our Cyber Proving Grounds, the same vulnerability will be found in the real world. The difference is, you will know about it sooner and can mitigate the damage.

For Hackers

You’ve got the skills to own any device. You’d rather get paid legally then busted by law enforcement. We offer “Capture the Flag” style environment where you get paid to find a flag. The flags are AES256 encrypted with GSM block mode. The encryption key is off line so if you produce a flag, no one can dispute it.

Get a flag and collect a bounty. Do write up on how you got in that is reproducible and get a bigger bounty. Only unclaimed flags get paid.

Got the skills? Get paid! Get the glory!