Getting Started at the Cyber Proving Grounds

It's Easy.

1) Sign Up
This will give you access to the Cyber Proving Grounds VPN

2) Sign In
The user name and password to the VPN changes on a regular basis. When you sign in, you’ll be given the IP, username and password to the VPN.

3) Log In
With the provided username and password log into the VPN once there you’ll have access to the devices in the Cyber Proving grounds. Hack Away

4) Find the Flags
If you are the first to find a flag file, provide it to us and collect your bounty.

Things to Note:
Once logged in, your computer is connected to a network with a bunch of hackers. Take precautions !!!!
We setup a firewall to keep hackers from attacking other hackers. Nothing is fool proof. The targets you hack, may already be hacked and just waiting to exploit you. Take precautions.
The targets are firewalled off from the outside world. So if the target is exploited, it shouldn’t have the means to be used in other hacker. Take precautions.